Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Things have gone very slowly.  I don't have as much time to work on it as I did before but here is a list of things I have been able to do.

-Cleaned up both differentials
-Got an alternator (eBay)
-Got a fuel pump (Airtex E8153)
-Installed fuel pump and a cheap fuel filter
-Re-bent the landcruiser fuel lines (kind of crude but it works) and installed them on the drivers side frame rail
-Rotated the turbo to mate with the modified 6BT manifold
 Had to order special nuts, there is not a lot of room on when you flip the turbo. (M10-1.5 Exhaust Lock Nut Copper Plated Steel 14mm Hex from Clips and Fasteners)
-Found out the the HY-35 turbo is not the best one to have because they can crack (mine is) and parts are not easy to find (according to a Holset dealer).  The dealer also said that Holset doesn't make individual parts for the HY-35 and I would have to get a new one.  Then they just said don't get a new HY get the HX range as they are easier to modify and parts are plentiful.
-Modified the shift lever for the transmission

Things that I know I still have to do:
-Oil return from the turbo
-Water/radiator lines
-Throttle linkage
-Brake System
-All the electrical

Pictures will come shortly.

Sunday, September 12, 2010


Engine Mounts

Frame side engine mount

Transmission crossmember

Dodge transmission mount with custom adapter plate to the Advanced Adapters tailhousing

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

So It's Been a While

It's been sometime since I have done anything on the project.  I'm going to blame that on the heat in Arizona.  I have no desire to step outside and work unless it is really early in the morning (even then it is not that cool).  I have a lot of respect for people who work outside in Arizona during the summers.

I have been able to finish the transmission though.  I just have to check end play and torque the 5th gear retaining nut and then it's in the Cruiser.  The flywheel and clutch are on their way as well so it's getting pretty close to running condition.

My brother also finished the transmission crossmember and the engine mounts.  He was able to take them to work where they have some really good equipment so it went quicker than I thought it would take.  I'll have pictures up soon.   

Next up, going over the engine and making sure it is ready to be fired up. 

Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Engine is Almost in

My brother has been making the mounts for the engine and he suggested that we hold of on the re-assembly of the transmission so that it would be easier to move around. That way he could weld the mounts onto the frame and get everything in the right position without having the added weight of the fully assembled transmission. 

Last weekend we installed the transfer case, moved the engine into position and installed the incomplete transmission.  My brother then welded the mounts into place.  I was not there to see it but I can't wait until I do.  I will add pictures soon.

Rebuilding the NV4500

Three weeks ago my brother and I dedicated some time to convert the gas 2wd NV4500 to the diesel 4wd.  I have had the parts for quite a while but I have not had the time.  I was a little nervous at first but I had a thorough manual from (here).  I didn't want to buy the mainshaft nut tool so I asked my brother to try to get it off with a chisel and hammer.  I didn't care if he broke it because I needed a new one to fit the new mainshaft.  He got it off pretty quickly after I told him that.

Next up was the fifth gear.  Again I didn't want to run around trying to find a tool to pull it off so we made our own tool.
We cut this angle iron to fit around the 5th gear lip and used two screws, some nuts, and spacers to work it off of the shaft.   

This is a lot cheaper than buying tools.

The rest of the steps were very easy as they were clearly explained in the manual.  One note though the snap rings on the mainshaft are a pain in the rear to get off.

This is it when everything was out.  

Sorry about these pictures.  I have been using my wife's Nikon D90 and so far we have only purchased one lens, the AF NIKKOR 50mm f/1.8D. It is a prime lens and I didn't bother to adjust anything when I took these pictures so the depth of field isn't what I wanted.