Sunday, April 18, 2010

6BT AC Compressor, Starter and Exhaust Manifold

I got my 6BT AC compressor, starter and exhaust manifold off of ebay.  The AC compressor needs to have the 6BT AC bracket to fit on the 4BT.  The starter doesn't need anything special and the 6BT exhaust manifold needs some work.

Obviously I need to cut the manifold down to fit the 4BT but I also need to grind the 4 exhaust holes a little.  The 4BT has square ports and the 6BT has rounded ports so I am just going to grind a little bit out on the manifold to make it fit better.  I still need to cut and weld the ends.

Here is the cut exhaust manifold and turbo on the engine in the car.

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